Mr. Dynamite: Sh'mon (Pt. I-II) [1966]

Mr. Dynamite is the alias of Bobby Howard, lead vocalist and keyboard player of the 60's Rock group The British Walkers. In 1966, Howard recorded a “solo” single. It was recorded with the current lineup for The British Walkers, but released as a Howard song. The single eventually attained cult status in the UK and is seen as a collectors item. The band recorded the single “Sh’ Mon” under the moniker Mr. Dynamite. “Sh’ Mon” was a song that could very easily be mistaken for a Soul music workout by James Brown. The late Charlie Hampton arranged the song, and the horns on the track have is signature sound. The single was released by Sue Records in the UK and is considered a collectors item, selling for a substantial amount. In America, “Sh’ Mon” was the only release on Soultime Records.