FORMAT MUSIC SOLUTIONS is a music publisher and label focused on creating music for visual media projects of all sizes.  We pride ourselves on our capabilities and on our ever-growing catalog that delivers fresh, authentic music on a timeline, at price-point, of a quality level and ease of use tailored to the needs of music supervisors and producers. We are aware of the minefield of issues music supervisors and producers face. Our services are engineered to avoid those issues and provide solutions.  We have been the solution for the top streaming platforms, major studios, networks, music supervisors, brands, editors, and everyone in between for nearly two decades. Providing outstanding musical content from our in-house roster of talented artists, songwriters, and producers in a variety of productions is what we do best.



FORMAT MUSIC SOLUTIONS is a prolific custom music production company with unmatched music and song creation capabilities. We have the production savvy to create custom radio quality songs quickly at speed and with scale.  Our songs and expertise are sought out by every major studio, production company and streaming platform to provide high quality original music solutions and provide the sonic core of some of the most recognizable content airing today. Whether you’re in need of anthemic, big, crowd-pleasing hip-hop or foreign language pop songs, Format’s Grammy award nominated talent will bring your custom vision to life.  All custom projects are created and contracted in-house and are one-stop.


Our system and our team have taken years to build. We have invested considerable time, money, effort and experience into making Format Music Solutions the unique solutions oriented company it is today. We continue to make these investments to evolve and improve so we can be of more service to our storytelling partners. Creating top quality songs and fulfilling custom creative briefs daily, on time and on budget takes dedication and real infrastructure. Our songwriters, producers, performers, and engineers are not only talented but are also professional, trustworthily, and without ego., We know how to make sure there is clear direction and understanding of what buyers for visual media want and need. Our music speaks for itself, but the sophisticated infrastructure of our publishing, label, and vigorous sales team turns our catalog and artists into an easily accessible solution for your next project. We understand the demand for top quality content, the urgency of production schedules, and the need for budget flexibility, which allows us to provide an exceptional client experience.


FORMAT MUSIC SOLUTIONS’ personal studio space is nestled in the heart of Hollywood’s bustling Los Feliz neighborhood. Between two separate buildings, four vocal isolation booths, and multiple writing rooms, our in-house composers craft some of the industry’s most recognizable hits on state of the art equipment and consoles with the ability to accommodate voice-over and music sessions of all shapes and sizes.