Format Repress is a one-stop catalog of vintage rarities spanning classic
genres and eras. Working with songwriters, performers, and labels of old, the Repress catalog is constantly developing and refining a sense of authentic edge and nostalgia. Whether it’s Post-Punk, Big Band, Boogie-Funk, Prog-Rock, or Solo Piano Ballads, Format Repress offers fresh finds straight from the record stacks to fit your creative vision.

Mr. Dynamite: Sh'mon (Pt. I-II) [1966]

La Voyage: Never Lookin' Back EP / La Voyage II (1982/1987)

Ashes: Unreleased Recordings (1984)

Francis X and the Bushmen: Soul Incest (1986)

The Bill Stewart Big Band: Christmas Classics (1970)

The Broomfield Family: Home Recordings (1986)

Bobby Poe and the Poe Kats: Singles (1957-1958)

The Bill Stewart Big Band: Big Band Standards (1970)

Tacoma: Anthology (1970-1979)

Paul Parrish: Solo Works (1970)

Sheila Landis and the Larry Nozero Quartet: Bebop Angel (1982)

The British Walkers: I Found You (1964)

The Acorn Sisters: 1958-1963

Georgia Lane: You and Me/Get It (1958)

James Prince: It's Christmas Time/Too Late for Christmas (1963)

El Pollos: The El Pollos Collection (1958)

Kathy Dee:Trail of Tears/The Ways of a Heart (1961)

Little Dickie Chaffin: Crying Heart (1961)

Les and His Western Playboys:I Don't Care Anymore/Why Pretend (1960)

Les and His Western Playboys: It's Rough/Things That Might Have Been (1960)

Island Record Singles (1958-1959)

The Significants: Funky Party / I'm In Ecstasy (1981)

Kayla Hill: Dancing Freak (1988)

J.J. Johnson: Ooh Baby (1983)