Tacoma: Anthology (1970-1979)

Tacoma was a rock group active in San Diego during the 1970s. The group formed formed after an LA based record producer heard early demos from The Generations, a trio at the time, and suggested they start recording songs by another San Diego band, Trilogy. Both Trilogy and The Generations ran in similar circles – recording at the same studios and performing at the same shows – and decided to join forces. The Generations partnered with Triology’s primary songwriter and keyboard player, John Brown; they began trading song ideas, practicing, and recording with one another. After learning a few of John’s songs, the group recorded a number of demos. After listening to the results John was asked to officially join The Generations. With a new member and a new sound, the band embraced a fresh new name: Tacoma. The new group became popular very quickly and was regarded as one of the best, original progressive rock bands in the San Diego area, playing at many dances, clubs and concerts throughout Southern California, throughout the 1970’s.