The Math Club x Kansoma Music: Kansoma Music - Remixed

At the age of 22, Bobby Poe, aka “The Poe Kat” began a 50 year career in the music industry as a songwriter, performer, artist manager, record producer, concert promoter, and music publisher. His vision for creative longevity took form in the Kansoma MusicCorporation: a multi-faceted music company representing groundbreaking acts like his own group, The Poe Kats, alongside rock outfit The British Walkers and funk mysterioso Mr. Dynamite. More than 70 years later, The Math Club has been given access to rarerecordings from the Kansoma vault and permission to remix them, allowing Poe’s legacy of the past to resonate with music lovers of the present. Rapper and producers Beatnet, Tia P., Relaye, and DJ Spinowitz reconstruct rockabilly and funk b-sides of old, putting their signature breakbeat and hip hop twists on invaluable unsung classics.